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Passionate About Inspiring

I'm Ingrid Desmedt, creator and founder of ABOASE.


I am an inspirational and transformational leader, a Certified Quantum Success Coach  at the Quantum Succes Coaching Academy (USA), Jewel Artist, Vedic Art Teacher, Entrepreneur and Speaker.


I assisted managers and groups of multinationals for more than 20 years.  

Assisting professionals in corporate life inspired me to seek new ways to express my qualities as an assistant/coach and I began teaching people in the way of personal growth instead of company growth.

My awareness of self grew strong when I started going on silent retreats.  There I really found my passion of listening to the language of silence and found the secret power of life and all existance.


I now teach my clients how to tap into the silence and expand their awareness of their own inner jewel.  I lift my clients up to a level of being who they are as they become the masters of their own life.  


I hold to the belief that those who communicate with silence and expand their consciousness will understand the secret of life and will be in the opportunity to experience life in all its facets.


“The secret of all existence speaks the language of Silence, Love”

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